Monday, 19 August 2013

Photograph albums


Three beautiful, unused photograph albums. I went over to digital photography many years ago and have no need for these now. All three require glue or photo corners to affix the photos.

If you would like one of these, obviously let me know which one(s)!

30 pages (60 sides), 11" W x 12" H
With interleaving
Clearout price: £3

30 pages (60 sides), 12" W x 11" H
Beautiful genuine pressed flower design on cover
No interleaving
Clearout price: £5

30 pages (60 sides), 11" W x 12" H
The white mark top left is one of those annoying labels that is hard to remove - it would come off with a lot of gentle patience!
Fabulous, slightly metallic, daisy design on cover
With interleaving
Clearout price: £3

Tripod for video - Miranda Pro VIdeo 1

I think I picked this up thinking it would do for my camera, but that requires the 'screw mount' which this isn't - it's got a square mount with a flick catch. Very stable and in excellent condition.

Clearout price: £5

Vintage binoculars - 7 x 35

I have no idea where these came from; possibly when we cleared the house after the death of my father's husband, nearly 20 years ago! They are a bit tatty but appear to work absolutely fine; only reason for selling is that if I start going out birdwatching I'd want something a bit lighter and more compact.

Clearout price: £10 ONO

The English Liturgy

Another clerical curiosity.

This volume is dated 1903. It's in moderate condition; as you see, there is much more wear and tear to the cover, and there are several loose pages and the spine cover has come away; but it's a beautiful and fascinating volume nonetheless.

Clearout price: £12 ONO

Altar Services as Proposed in 1928

Well, what do you expect from a clerical household?!

This book, you won't be surprised to hear, doesn't appear on Amazon...

It's in very good condition, apart from some minor markings and wear to the cover. All pages are intact; I have found one page that has a tear at the bottom. There is also a beautiful section of 'music for the celebrant' at the end, giving the chants for various Prefaces and other parts of the service.

There is no publication date, but there are loose-leaf inserts giving various changes approved in 1952 and 1953 (clearly as a result of the new monarch, Queen Elizabeth II).

Clearout price: £20 ONO


Information on Amazon here
Cost on Amazon £4.30+
Clearout cost: £4

The First Night: Gilbert & Sullivan

Information on Amazon here
Cost on Amazon £5+
Clearout cost: £4

Hutchinson Encyclopedia of Britain

Information on Amazon here
Cost on Amazon: £6.70+
Clearout price: £5.00

Journal of Victorian Culture

General information about the publication here
10 volumes, 1996-2000
Various volumes on Amazon for £5 and upwards
Clearout price: £3 each or £25 the set